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Pinterest Hashtags

Hollie here and today I have a really quick tip for you here on Pinterest.

Now we know that Pinterest has introduced hashtags, but when they first did this there were some things that were missing.

Like hashtag counts.  We want to know how many times something has been used so that we can see how competitive it is and also look at the hashtag results to see what else is out there.

Like how can we make our content stand out?

So what I’m going to do is just repin something. You can do this whether it’s with a new pin or a repin or an original pin from your site either way as long as you’re doing this in Pinterest.

You know not using a tool like tailwind or something like that this will work so I’ve got this instant pot wild rice soup that I want to pin there’s no descriptions.

I’m gonna definitely go ahead and type a description and then I will come back and show you guys how to do the hashtags.

Now that I have the description typed, I’m gonna go ahead and add some hashtags and what I want to do is just start with my keywords because this is not my own pin and I’m not gonna put a branded hashtag on there.

If it was my own pin I’d put a branded hashtag first and then I’d follow with all of these other keyword hashtags.

But I’m just going to start typing out hashtags and so here I have instant pot.

This is an instant pot soup recipe and it shows me right here the counts a thousand uses for instant pot and only forty three for instant pot love etc

Now these numbers are going to increase as more and more people start using hashtags on Pinterest so if you’re watching this get in early so that you can take advantage of the low competition now.

Not everything has this low competition so I’m going to choose instant pot.

If you just type hashtag you’re gonna see the most popular hashtags show up in this drop-down and these I’ve seen grow exponentially in the last couple months since Pinterest has reintroduced hashtags.

Don’t use these as they’re too competitive.

So just like we have super competitive hashtags on Instagram we’re seeing that here in Pinterest and basically people are just typing hashtag and then clicking all of these and not really being discerning and making sure that they really match the 

So I’d also choose another keyword wild rice and again to 4248 pins and so that’s how you see your hashtag counts on Pinterest and then I would just go ahead and pin this to whatever board is going to be the best one for this pin.

And that’s how you find hashtag counts on Pinterest and how you can choose them for your posts.

I hope that you enjoyed this example and if you think it would be helpful to one of your friends then I would love it if you hit that share button and share it with them thanks so much for reading.

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Getting Passengers to Love It When Babies Cry

The only thing worse than sitting next to a crying baby on a long flight is being the parent holding the crying baby. You know you’re responsible for everyone else’s misery, and there’s often very little you can do to fix it.

For Mother’s Day, JetBlue and agency MullenLowe decided to turn this frequent frustration on its head by actually rewarding passengers when babies cry.

The “FlyBabies” stunt offered a 25 percent discount to passengers on a flight from JFK to Long Beach each time a baby started crying. That meant if four babies cried, all passengers would get a free round-trip ticket for their next JetBlue flight.

Here’s what happened on the flight:

According to MullenLowe, 40 percent of U.S. adults say they’re annoyed by crying babies on flights. While it’s unlikely JetBlue’s reward approach will become a popular perk among airlines, at least it shows that sometimes, with some clever thinking, you can turn a negative into a positive.

The new spot, from Hey Baby Films director Joris Debeij, follows another MullenLowe stunt from February, in which the carrier invited 150 unsuspecting passengers to “Reach Across the Aisle” in an election-themed prank that also offered free flights as a reward.


  • Client: JetBlue Airways
  • Title: FlyBabies

Agency: MullenLowe and Mediahub


  • Jr. Copywriter: Sai He
  • Jr. Art Director: Alyssa Cavanaugh
  • VP, Associate Creative Director: Ben Salsky
  • VP, Creative Director: Amy Ferguson
  • VP, Creative Director: Julia Neumann
  • Executive Creative Director: Dave Weist
  • Executive Creative Director: Tim Vaccarino
  • Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
  • Creative Intern: Athanasia Efthimiu—Production 
  • SVP, Executive Director Integrated Production: Liza Near
  • SVP, Director of Broadcast Production: Zeke Bowman
  • Senior Integrated Producer: Liz Shook
  • Integrated Producer: Matt Polski
  • Project Manager: Christina Gratton
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  • Business Affairs Manager: Amy Keddy
  • Production Company: Hey Baby
  • Director: Joris Debeij
  • Executive Producer: Richard Bjorlin
  • Line Producer: Peter Murray
  • Editorial: PS260
  • Editor: Hil Vega
  • Managing Partner: Zarina Mak
  • Senior Producer: Laura Patterson
  • Music: Storefront
  • Sound: Plush
  • Mixer: Rob Fielack
  • Finish:  The Mill

Colorist: Fergus MacCall

—Account Management

  • Executive Director: Drayton Martin
  • Account Director: Molly Bluhm
  • Account Executive: Beba Rivera


  • Group Strategy Director: Ellie Gogan-Tilstone
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  • SVP, Group Digital Director: Jade Watts
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  • SVP, Account Director PR: Jaclyn Ruelle
  • Account Supervisor PR: Becky Brand
  • Account Supervisor PR: Lauren Brennan
  • Account Supervisor PR: Brittany Topham
  • Account Executive PR: Kelsey Labrot

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